Richmond Sails

So, here I am at the Richmond Yacht club at 5 in the afternoon. The pre-race party is starting to build momentum. Very nice Hawaiianesk music up above, mixing reggae with hawaiian. Very smooth. May have to go up and drink a Mai Tai before dinner.

Sat with Scott, our gribs and bytes guy. Stepping through the likely path of Psyche starting this Monday and continuing for a week of predicted speeds into the predicted winds. My dire forecast captured the attention of many of our loved ones. I think I’ve exaggerated pretty much everything (my apologies; let’s call it poetic license). Windyty’s gusts setting looks to be a significantly over-estimated, leading me down that “what-if” path. But you know, we won’t know till we get out there. Suffice to say there should be plenty of wind, perhaps a bit too much for the first three days, then a pleasant, perhaps bordering on slow, sail. Then some unknown weirdness from Celia and the as yet unnamed storm a brewing off of Mexico. Stay tuned. You never know about the ocean, that much is for sure.

But Richmond Yacht club is amazing! Nothing but masts. I don’t think I’ve seen a single powerboat! Do they outlaw them here? What a contrast to most every harbor I’ve been to in the last decade. People are friendly and jovial, and everyone is excited about sailing out of the Golden Gate into an gripping sail-boat race to Hawaii. We’ve met some of the crew of “Redhead” our main competition in our class. They are very cool folks. We have also met a couple who are sailing another Cal 40 in the “double handed” class. All are pleasant, knowledgeable people. All are happy to be alive.

So am I.

One thought on “Richmond Sails

  1. Billy wishing you guys a fast and safe race. Looking forward to your blogs, almost as much as the finish results. Believe me, I would rather be aboard than here following it on the screen.
    Best to the crew of Psyche.
    Bill Grunbok


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