Welcome to Billy’s Pac Cup blog (billyspaccup, like Billy’s hiccup).   Here you will find a live narrative of the upcoming race from San Francisco to Hawaii, from the perspective of the yacht Psyche, as wildly distorted by me, William G. Wright.

This blog is descended from previous adventures on Psyche over the last ten years: from Billy’s Transpac 2005 blog, which was just a series of emails I sent from sea. If ever you want to see them compiled into one document,


In 2007, we took to the sea again, and the quaint method of sending daily emails was updated when my daughter Sara informed me about “blogspot”. Thus was born Billy’s Transpac Blog, which is still posted. These entries have all the cobwebs of an unmaintained blog, complete with lots of weird advertisers contaminating the comments section. But they are still mildly entertaining. There are lots of riffs, monologues, and etc., which I hopefully won’t repeat in this newest version, but will instead give you the links, when relevant.